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L'Aplec Internacional
L'Aplec Internacional
Aplec's Map
Aplec's Map


In the year of 1988, with the objective of getting to know the reality and variety of the Catalan popular culture throughout Europe, the Aplec Internacional de la Sardana i Mostra de Grups Folklòrics was born. In the year 2012, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, has become L'Aplec Internacional.


Year after year, a fair of our popular and traditional culture, headed by the most typical and representative dances of Catalonia like the sardana, crosses borders out of our country.

The sardana is an open dance, in which men and women give hands creating a symbol for better understanding and dialogue between cultures. For that reason, we want to state that spreading the news about this dance is the message of a cultural community that loves its traditions and that wants to share the nobility of these feelings with the great European people.

The main objective that has impelled us to celebrate this fair outside Catalonia is to contribute to the projection of our folklore in those cities that have a special meaning for Catalonia for cultural, historical or social proximity reasons. The common work, the institutional support and the enthusiast presence of so many Catalan people has made these meetings possible.

This Aplec internacional gathers approximately 22 folklore groups representing the diverse fields of Catalan traditional and popular culture. This represents an approximate total of 500 people to whom we must add more than 1000 escorts that also take part in the Catalan expedition.

Each new edition of this Aplec Internacional confirms that it's a perfectly consolidated event in time, and that it's expected for many people throughout  Europe. So it's a great pleasure for us to see that the recognition and participation of participants grows every year. They are the real characters of these meetings. The members of the several acting groups - geganters, bastoners, colles sardanistes, cobles, grallers, esbarts, cavallets, diables...- are the ones that, with their creative contribution and with their hopes, make it possible.


These pictures have been handed over by the Federació Catalana de Fotografia and belong to the biennial competition about popular and traditional culture.


Aplec’s history
Groups that have participated
2016 - Perpinyà
2015 - Turin
2014 - Timișoara
2013 - Verona
2012 - Budapest
2011 - Grenoble
2010 - Krakow
2009 - Luxembourg
2008 - Tallinn
2007 - Frankfurt
2006 - Malmö
2005 - Haarlem
2004 - Graz
2003 - Manchester
2002 - Lisbon
2001 - Copenhaguen
2000 - Alghero
1999 - Lausanne
1998 - Hall In Tirol and Innsbruck
1997 - Céret and Toulouse
1996 - Luxembourg
1995 - Hannover
1994 - Marseille
1993 - Florence
1992 - Brussels
1991 - Toulouse
1990 - Zurich
1989 - Paris
1988 - Amsterdam
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