Aplec International


In 1988, with the aim of making Catalan popular culture known throughout Europe, the first event was organized in Amsterdam, named the International Sardana Festival, and later added to the program, a sample of other Catalan folkloric events. In 2012, coinciding with the 25th anniversary, it was renamed the International Festival (Aplec Internacional).

Each celebration of the International Festival gathers a wide variety of participants from diverse areas of popular culture as well as hundreds of supporters who also make up the Catalan expedition.

It is worth noting that it is not just a sample of participants from each discipline, but also a mix of performers from different groups which transform events into street shows. The key to it all: adding traditional elements to modern and constantly evolving living traditions.

The original motivation behind the International Festival was the desire to contribute to the projection of Catalan folklore in cities where, due to their cultural, historical or social affinity with Catalonia, the festival had a great deal of significance. 

It is the joint collaboration between the institutional support and the enthusiastic participation of so many supporters which have made these encounters possible.

Each festival re-affirms the reputation of this well-known event which has many looking forward to participating in every celebration. There is a drive to surpass the quality of previous events each year. Adifolk believes that the performing groups with their creativity and enthusiasm are the real protagonists which make this international festival so successful.

Adifolk is the organizer of the International Festival with the support and collaboration of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Provincial Councils of Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida and Girona.

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