Bighead Folk  (Capgròs Folk)

ADIFOLK presented the restored Bighead Folk on May 2018 at the inaugural day of the 31st APLEC INTERNACIONAL held in Manresa, Catalonia.

Bighead Folk was restored by Taller AVALL in Reus, Catalonia, a business dedicated to design, conservation and restoration, in collaboration with Taller FOLK AL BIAX, responsible for costume design and the artist from Manresa, Esteve Porta

Bighead Folk (Capgròs Folk) will be the Adifolk representative and ambassador for Catalan popular culture around the world.

He has had some exceptional sponsors: Caps de Llúpia from Vic, Capgrossos Centenàris from Capellades, Capgrós from folklorist Joan Amades and Nans from Manresa.

Capgròs Folk

Devil’s Fork  (Ceptrot)

The Ceptrot, a festive element has been present in Adifolk events since the Ostrava International Aplec in 2017, a gift from the Federació de Diables de Barcelona from their participation at the event.

It is mounted on a haystack of the cabala number of 7 spikes, with the Adifolk logo on a silhouette of Catalonia which hides on its cross a very festive demon.

As a differentiating fact we can see the ribbons hanging from its base with the flags of all the countries who have participated to date.

This element is the work of master artist from Manresa, Esteve Porta. The Ceptrot will be present at all Adifolk fire events, led by the participating Demons group.

Ceptrot d'Adifolk

Adifolk’s Badge of Honor

The lapel badge is a piece of handmade jewelry bathed in silver with the Adifolk logo for the President and Adifolk Board members to wear as a symbol of the duties they perform.

The President and Board Members must wear the badge at all official events attended by Adifolk representatives.

It was designed and made by the Barcelona jeweler, Josep Ma Gol.

PROTOCOL INSÍGNIA ADIFOLK (data aprovació: 07.11.2020)


Adifolk flag

The Adifolk Flag is a Catalan flag with the logo of the Association for the dissemination of Folklore. It is the emblem which represents Adifolk in all organized events.

The highlight during the celebration of the "Gala of the Year" will be the proclamation of the city which will host the next International Aplec. The Adifolk flag will be handed to the next city to host for safe keeping.  At the closing ceremony, the city which hosted the International Aplec will return the flag to Adifolk officials and with this symbolism, the Adifolk flag will travel internationally around the world.

La bandera d'Adifolk