ADIFOLK is an association declared to be of public interest (JUS / 803/2012 of 27 April 2012) and formed by people closely linked to the world of Catalan Folklore and Popular Culture.

Its main objective is to promote and revitalize Catalan popular culture internationally, and to make known through different cultural exchanges, the folklore from other parts of the world, in Catalonia.

ADIFOLK belongs to CIOFF - Comitè Internacional d’Organitzadors de Festivals Folklòrics - recognized with UNESCO STATUS B category. It is a member of the following associations: The Spanish Association of Folk Festival Organizers; full time member of Festivals du Sud; founding member of the Federació d'Ateneus de Catalunya Catalan; Ens de l’Associacionisme Cultural Català and a strategic partner of Federació d'Organitzacions Catalanes Internacionalment Reconegudes (FOCIR).

Among the activities it carries out are the International Catalan Folklore Days (Jornades Internacionals Folklòriques de Catalunya) and Aplec International Encounters (Aplec Internacional).

ADIFOLK is also dedicated to promoting and advising on topics regarding Catalan popular culture at International Festivals and in Catalan promotional events abroad. We support, promote and accompany popular culture groups in multiple international festivals. 

Adifolk 2018/2022

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